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3ds Max Design New Features Video
Written by Jennifer O'Connor   
Friday, 30 April 2010 08:29
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A 90-minute "3ds Max Design New Features" video is now available for download and for streaming.


To stream, click HERE.


Right-click this link and save to your local machine for playback (high-definition):




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About the Mastering mental ray Book

This is the web site for the book "Mastering mental ray" by Jennifer O'Connor, published by Wiley/Sybex and released in mid-April of 2010.  The book is based on 3ds Max/Design 2010 and the newly announced 3ds Max/Design 2011, although mental ray is mental ray no matter what the application.


Learn. Discover. Teach. Repeat. 

Most of the examples will be useable and pertain to 3ds Max/Design 2010 and newer, and new features of 3ds Max/Design 2011 are featured in the book.  The content of the book, however, pertains to 3ds Max r9 and newer.



Getting Started 



  • If you would like to learn more about the content of the book, check out the Table of Contents.
  • If you have a question on something in the book, check out the User Forums.
  • If you want the latest news on Mastering mental ray and Jennifer O'Connor, check out the Blog.
  • If you would like book materials for educators including PowerPoint and additional exercises, check out the Bonus Material.
  • If you need the Ctrl.Ghost plugins for Max 2009 through 2011, click Here.
  • If a file is missing or not working correctly, check out the revised and additional DVD Content.


NOTE that the Ctrl.Ghost plugin for Max 2011 on the DVD needs to be replaced with the latest plugin for the final version of mental ray in Max 2011.  Click Here.


As a companion to the Mastering mental ray book is a searchable PersonalBrain - a 'Mind Map' of mental ray and 3ds Max/Design.   This will help you with learning and searching for information, and will cover the basics of the selected topics and point you towards expanded knowledge in the book.  Mastering a subject is not always about knowing everything, but about being aware of what is possible and knowing where to find the information you need.  This tool gives you instant access to my mental ray knowledge, and is updated frequently.

Read more Here or open the Web Brain Here.


Interior scene with Importons 

(Design by architect Howard Holtzman for a Bahamas residence at Cabbage Beach.  Daylight scene rendered with Importons and Irradiance Particles.)



Questions and Comments


If you have any questions or comments on mental ray training, please feel free to write me at jenni at mastering-mentalray.com.  You can see additional samples rendered by 4DA in mental ray at www.4da-inc.com.



Autodesk Authorized Author 


Learn. Discover. Teach. Repeat. 




All images rendered by Jennifer O'Connor and 4D Artists, Inc.  All rights reserved.